on plans for spring break


Joan Kwon

Photo by Joan Kwon.

Meenu Sivaraman, Artist

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, students look forward to one last break before the stress of the end of the semester begins. Some students travel to Florida and the Bahamas, while others stay at home and spend their days watching television and riding their bikes. RBHS students share their plans for the upcoming spring break before the academic rush of April and May begins.


Jenna Lin, freshman

“I’m going to Orange beach with my sister, [and] I don’t really see her often, so I’m excited to spend the week with her.”






Shahab Bariz, sophomore                                                                               

“During spring break, I plan on getting caught up on online classes and preparing for the national speech and debate tournament. I’ll also be hanging out with my friends in St. Louis. So excited for break!”






Anoushka Bhalla, junior 

“I’m really excited for spring break because I finally get to sleep and take a break from the stresses of school. I also am going to have my little cousin from Boston over so I am looking forward to hanging out with her.”






Kaden Kellogg, senior

“I’m going to spend my spring break in California with my family. We’re going to visit grandparents, see cousins and spend some time at the beach.”






What are your plans for spring break? Let us know in the comments below.