on The Emmys

Vivian Spear, Art Editor

September 12th, 2022, marks the 74th anniversary of the Emmys. This year the awards ceremony appreciated the works of the film series Euphoria, Squid Game, Ted Lasso, and more. This past week RBHS student discussed their thoughts regarding this year’s Emmy nominations.

Beatrice Lancaster, freshmen

on this year’s Emmys

“I think for the 74th Emmy Awards, the winners were valid. All shows (ex: Squid Game, Euphoria) had so much hype and

Photo by Vivian Spear

deserved the wins.”








Henry Yoo, sophomore

on this year’s Emmys

Photo by Salma Alamin

“Though I think Bob Odenkirk should have won, Lee Jung Jae’s win was well deserved.”







Salma Alamin

Emily Ryan, junior 

on this year’s Emmys


“I really loved watching the Emmy’s! I was so happy to watch Zendaya, one of my favorite actresses, win her 2nd Emmy and I thought it was so cool that Lizzo had won an Emmy too.”





Photo by Salma Alamin

Fatima Hussain, senior

on this year’s Emmys

“Jason Sudeikis really deserved the award- his acting as Ted Lasso is extremely hilarious.”






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