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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Art by Devin Hall.

Minorities experience more pressure in educational environments, during COVID-19 pandemic

Lais Campos November 11, 2021

Even with the introduction of vaccinations, the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have far-reaching health and economic consequences for the American public, including students, according to Pew Research...

Photo by Desmond Kisida.

Zachary Willmore becoming homecoming queen indicates growing inclusion in RBHS

Shubha Gautam November 8, 2021

Dressed in a long, sparkling golden gown, Zachary Willmore walked to the center of the football field with his escort, senior Eliana Snyder, and the rest of the homecoming court. Nervous and excited for...

Art by Vivian Spear.

Climate change spurs journalistic awakening

Nora Crutcher-McGowan November 4, 2021

For members of Generation Z, the threat of climate change is a life-long presence. Junior Brooke Novinger, co-president of RBHS Conservation Club, said she first heard about the issue in late elementary...

Art by Lorelei Dohm.

Sea level rise caused by world powers leave South Pacific islands vulnerable

Shubha Gautam November 3, 2021

Sandwiched halfway between Hawaii and Australia, Kiribati is a Southern Pacific island nation with 33 islands, the most famous being Kiritimati, sporting the title of one of the largest atolls in the world....

Art by Vivian Spear.

Wildfire smoke spreads across nation, contaminates air quality

Anjali Noel Ramesh November 3, 2021

In the past five years, record breaking wildfires have plagued California, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The amount of land burned by the wildfires are at an all-time high, with over...

Photo by Andrew Kinslow.

Second phase of brown-headed nuthatch reintroduction to the Missouri Ozarks begins

Shubha Gautam November 2, 2021

 In total, 56 Brown-headed Nuthatches were translocated to Missouri’s Mark Twain National Forest from the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas between August and September of this year as part of the...

Photo by Salma Alamin.

The future of COVID-19: variants impact the future of the global pandemic

Zay Yontz November 1, 2021

The global pandemic continues to play a recurring role in many people’s lives even as things that are thought to be “normal” are reimplemented like in-seat learning and less preventative measures...

Art by Devin Hall.

Pandemic intensifies violence against East Asian Americans

Sarah Ding April 26, 2021

Vincent Chin was a Chinese American man in Detroit out celebrating his bachelor party with his friends on the eve of his wedding, in 1982. Two white autoworkers beat him to death with a baseball bat amidst...

Art by Devin Hall.

Viewers’ perception of social media impacts health

Anjali Noel Ramesh February 28, 2021

A clear and exact definition of body image, according to the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC), is “a person's perception of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings, positive,...

Dr. Phillip Cuculich, Cardiologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Photo courtesy of Cuculich.

The heart of healthcare

Sarah Ding February 27, 2021

Dr. Greg Flaker, cardiologist at University of Missouri Health Care, University Hospital On the deeper meaning of the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Greg Flaker has lived in Columbia since 1968, when he came to...

Art by Sarah Ding.

Anti-vaxxers challenge U.S. health security

Nora Crutcher-McGowan February 25, 2021

Inoculation, or vaccination practices, first began thousands of years ago, not long after doubters of this health discovery began to emerge. Even as inoculation has evolutionized through myriads of diseases...

Neuroethics in law, science influences autonomy and crime

Neuroethics in law, science influences autonomy and crime

Shruti Gautam February 25, 2021

A paper published in 2007 discusses the case of FK, a man in his late 50s. FK was arrested for gross lewdness and child endangerment due to public urination near a school. Despite no psychiatric history,...

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