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Students retell haunting tales

Art by Devin Hall.

As if they’d seen a ghost

Michael Ray, freshman

“When I was younger, around seven or eight, my little sister would make me sleep in her room because she got scared. And one night I was sleeping in there, and I felt pulling on the blanket I was sleeping under. So I opened my eyes, and my sister is standing there really scared pulling on the covers trying to wake me up. At first I was really annoyed and I just tried to go back to sleep, but she kept saying my name. So finally I sat up and asked her what was wrong and she just pointed at the window, so I look over and I don’t see anything but then, after I look away, I hear this tapping. I look back at the window, and it stops really suddenly. Then I look back at my sister, and I hear the tapping again. I don’t really remember how long it went on, I just know I was too scared to go look at what was out the window, but I guess it could have been anything.”

Maura Roodhouse, sophomore

“My dad was at one of his friend’s apartments, I think it’s an older building downtown, and basically his friend said she saw this recurring figure with a red shirt and blue jeans appear in her doorway. Anyway, he stayed there one time,  and he kinda woke up and he saw the the dude and he was just standing there in his red shirt and blue jeans. My dad said he was pretty much just transparent.”

Amya Carson, junior

“In my last house we had this wall that we would always hear scratching in. We had it checked like four times, and every time they would never find any rats or mice or anything. We had it checked so many times and after every time we would still hear the scratching.”


What haunting tale do you have to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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Devin Hall, Art Editor
Senior Devin Hall is the art editor for Southpaw and Bearing News. In their free time, they enjoy playing guitar, drawing and listening to The Sweaters.

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