on fall traditions

Olivia Rollison, Artist

In addition to cooler weather, falling leaves and pumpkin spice, the shift from summer to autumn also brings the return of fall traditions. Here, RBHS students share some of their favorites.


Millie Sexton, freshman

“Every Halloween me and my friends get together and then we go trick-or-treating. Then, we all get in the middle and we swap candy and eat our candy as we watch a Halloween movie. When I was younger I used to always have suckers. [I’ve been doing this tradition] my entire life.”




Jasmine Conklin, sophomore

“We have a tradition where [my family] throws pies at each other. It started at my grandma’s house when one of my aunts accidentally slipped with a pie and it went on a baby, my nephew’s, face. So now we just throw pies […] bake a bunch of pies and have a pie fight.”




Emma Huther, junior 

“Back when we were little […] we would go to this farm that my friend owns and we would go into her barn and she had this plank above her barn. We would line it with pumpkins and wrap it with garland and everything for all the animals.”




Robell Teowolde, senior

“I guess Thanksgiving and eating turkeys […] and also [my family] puts this light show out front on our house. We started doing that last year for Halloween.”



Do you have a favorite fall tradition? Let us know in the comments below.