on favorite classes for next year


Bailey Blackburn, Photographer

To kick off the last half of the school year, Rock Bridge students begin scheduling what classes they want to take for the next year. Whether it’s a class that pertains to a future career, or simply just for fun, we asked Rock Bridge students what classes they are most looking forward to next year.



Izzy Ireland, freshman

I’m excited for AUT because I’ll have more work time in school to get stuff done, that way I won’t have to do it after school when I’m busy with Cross Country and Track and Field.”







Noah Lee, sophomore 

“I’m excited to take orchestra next year because I love Ms. Lankheit. My favorite thing about orchestra is my teacher, and the violin.”







Jasper Coalier, junior

“I’m really excited for zoology because it’s just really cool and the science teachers here are really nice. We get to dissect stuff, which I’m excited about.”






Izzy Arnett, junior

“I’m excited to take my advance acting class because the teacher and people are just so fun to be around. It’s really exciting, and it’s like a second home.”







Do you have a class you’re looking forward to next year? Let us know in the comments below.