On favorite past Halloween costumes

Bailey Blackburn, Photographer

Nearing the end of October, many students celebrate the Halloween tradition of dressing up in costume to go Trick-or-Treating. Whether it’s a spooky costume or something silly, RBHS students share what their favorite past Halloween costumes are, along with their process of creating or buying them below.



Claire Richardson, freshman

“In 6th grade, I was a panda and I wore a panda onesie. It was good because the costume was very warm but it was cold that night when we were trick or treating.”






Ricky Chinikoski, sophomore

“My favorite Halloween costume was last year when I dressed as the scream character. I wore a scream mask and you could pump it to make fake blood come out which made it super creepy. It was one of my favorite Halloween costumes, and I went trick-or-treating even if I may be getting too old for it.”






Luke Thompson, junior

“For my favorite past Halloween costume, I bought a blanket from Walmart and cut little arm holes and I was a penguin. I wore it for like four years straight. I went trick-or-treating with my siblings.”







Elizabeth Wiese, senior

“Me and my friends in middle school dressed up as giant emojis, and we were in giant circle costumes. The streets were really full, and we were really wide with our costumes so we were pushing people out of the way. It was really funny and functional. ”








Do you have a favorite past Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments below.