on Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story


Image courtesy of IMDb.

Salma Alamin

Netflix released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on September 21, 2022, telling the story of the United States’ most infamous serial killer and his victims. After watching the ten-episode mini-series, RBHS students share their thoughts and opinions.


Izabel Riley, freshman

on the first episode of the show

“I could barely get through the first episode. I know from research on who he was, and it was pretty disturbing the way he killed.”



Keyana Turner, sophomore

on the representation of the victims

“The new Jeffrey Dahmer show did a good job showing his awkwardness and mental state. I thought the show also did a good job of showing the victims and who they were, instead of only focusing on Dahmer.”




Anna Marcks, junior 

on the series’ accurate representation

“The Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix showed a great representation of the terrifying actions that happened in real life that were showcased throughout the show. The show was so disturbing on how accurate it was to what happened in real life, but so interesting to see how the characters played out their role.”


Kate Parris, senior

on Evan Peters’ role and casting

“I thought the new Dahmer show was a great way to tell the story, and I think Evan Peters was perfect for the role. This gave a great visual representation of the real case, and depicted it in a very real way I’ve never seen before.”




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