on AP testing


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Allison Kim, Op/Ed Editor

Friday, May 13, marks the conclusion of all 2022 College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams after two long weeks of testing. From underclassmen taking their first AP tests to upperclassmen adjusting from the switch back to in-person testing after the COVID-19 pandemic, RBHS students share their new experiences with AP exams this year. 

Henry Yoo, freshman

on taking his first AP test

“Taking the AP Computer Science Principals exam was better than expected. Preparing with the practice exams greatly helped because many problems on the AP exam were very similar to the practice exam. Though I wish that Sasser told us about the practice exams sooner.”

Pedro Kfuri, sophomore

on taking multiple AP tests

“I feel like it was busy and definitely a little bit nerve-wracking. [The AP tests] were back to back, they were on a Wednesday and a Thursday, and they were both 8 a.m. tests. So I was definitely really tired, and on the day of my Wednesday exam, I woke up with a really sore throat, so I had to rush and get [COVID-19] tests to make sure I was negative before I [AP] tested. It was kind of hell on earth because I was feeling really sick, but not [with COVID-19] or anything like that, so I was still able to test. It was definitely a little stressful but definitely manageable as well. I wouldn’t advise against [taking multiple AP tests]. I didn’t really spend much time preparing because I felt like my teachers really set us up really well and let us practice in class, so I didn’t find it too bad. Maybe a little bit of stress because it was back to back early in the morning, but other than that, it was good. ”

Sriya Pokala, junior 

on taking in-person AP tests

It was definitely a different experience than taking them online [last] year. The in person testing environment made it somewhat more engaging while taking the test. The format of the tests were different too. The in-person [test] was easier.”

Haeam Lee, senior

on not taking the AP test after an AP course

It was a catharsis for me, I felt relieved that there was no test at the end, but I felt somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t able to put my abilities to test.”



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