on summer break


Photo by Salma Alamin.

Shubha Gautam, News Editor

As the end of the first fully in-person school year since 2019 approaches, students finish off their classes and look forward to their summer plans. Seniors prepare for college, freshmen reflect over their first year of high school and others head off to summer camps or intend to simply rest at home. Whatever it is that they are planning to do until school starts back in the fall, RBHS students share their plans for the upcoming break. 

Theo Volz, freshman

“Over the summer, I’m going to be doing summer school. I’m going to be [getting] my P.E. credit. Otherwise, I’ll be practicing math and am thinking about trying to get myself through precalc. I’m going to be practicing for competition math as well. Also, my family will be traveling a bit, but mainly [I’ll be doing] math.”



Sebastian Velez, sophomore                                                                               

I’m going to visit family, and [my] family is going to visit me. I’m going to drive all the way down to South Carolina, right next toGeorgia, so that I can go to the beach. I think I’m going to go kayaking in the Finger Lakes. I’ll probably just hang out and maybe get a car.”




Brooke Novinger, junior 

“I’m hoping to visit a few colleges and spend some time with my sister because she’s home from college, and also […] see family. I’m hoping to get a part-time job, and that’s about it.”





Abigail Bridgeman, senior

“The first part of summer, for [a] month and a half, I’m working on graduating. I’m trying to get all of these orientation forms done and stuff like that, and that’s like, ‘[fill out] form X9C, but [using] the code that you got from the email six months ago. So I’m trying to figure out all that stuff and get orientation done. And then I’m getting stuff ready for camp. […] I’m going to be working at a summer camp for people with disabilities in southern Missouri. Then I come back for a week, and then I’m going to […] Switzerland. I come back from that, and then I have to start packing […] my stuff, and then I go to California [for college].”


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