on spring break


Zay Yontz, Features Editor

As spring break approaches, students wrap up school and prepare for the week ahead of them. Whether they are staying at home, traveling or resting from their past weeks of school, students are excited for their week off. The break will end April 4.

Rachel Tran, freshman 

“I’m going to Arizona and visiting my extended family. We are going hiking and it’s gonna be fun. We will be there for a week.”

Cooper Mast, sophomore 

“I am going to Phoenix, Arizona and I am watching the [Phoenix] Suns vs. [Philadelphia] 76ers game, and I am going to a couple spring training games for baseball. I’ll be there for five days.”

Ava Dimeo, junior

“For spring break I’m staying in town just because my family normally doesn’t go [anywhere] on spring break. It’ll be kind of nice because I get to sleep in and hang out with my friends in Columbia, and the town should be pretty empty so there should be a lot of things to do.”

Seth Boswell, senior

“I am going to the Dominican Republic with all my friends for a senior trip. We are going on a boat and we’re going fishing. We’re going to try to go golfing because one of the top 100 courses is there. We are going to hangout at the pool, go to the beach, scuba divehopefullyand snorkel.”


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