on finals week


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Ketti Horton, Staff Writer

As the first in-person finals week since the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, students at RBHS are certainly feeling the heat. Finals week is a dreaded time for most, but some see it as relieving to know that winter break is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Last school year, students were taking their finals in the comfort of their own homes. Transitioning from that to sitting in hard plastic seats with harsh florescent lighting has been less than pleasant for some.

To some students it seems these last tests are going to determine the entirety of their academic worth, therefore hours of studying and cramming are the norm for the last week of December.

Hannah Arneson, senior

“Since school was half or fully online most of last year, we had a lot of grace when it came to finals. Now that this year is normal, it feels extra stressful. I feel like I have forgotten how to study effectively and have been very stressed this week.”

Tomisaac Johnson, junior

“I’m pumped for finals because the courses were in-person. If the classes were not in-person, finals would be harder to take in. Since all the classes this year have been in-person I feel much more confident about my tests and final grades.” 

Pedro Kfuri, sophomore

“Being an immigrant student and having to, well, getting to travel back to Brazil a few times during [the] year to visit family, I feel like teachers have done a really great job of rearranging and moving finals to best accommodate students’ needs

because I was able to take all of my finals. I notified my teachers at the very beginning of the school year and then two weeks before the trip and we all made plans as to how we were going to go about all the assignments I was going to miss and all the

grades that I would need to be accounted for. I feel like that not only takes stress off of me as a student as it shows that my teachers are ready and willing to accommodate to me and my family’s needs but also gives me a sense of relief because I will already know how my grade is going to change which provides for a stress free trip.”

Kerra Lindbloom, freshman

“I like that there aren’t as many finals as I thought. I like that the teachers are adjusting the curriculum so that we feel more comfortable, especially considering COVID-19. ” 





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