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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Day 130

Day 130

Bailey Stover July 25, 2020

The path isn’t straight. Today is July 25. My mind is sending quite a forceful (and stressful) message to me in my sleep about my graduation. One or two dreams on the topic makes sense, but last night...

Katia Newlands (front) and Genevive Sosuh (back) work the Made N Ghana Designs booth during the Roots N Blues festival Saturday, Sept. 28. Photo by Bailey Stover.

People of Roots N Blues – Genevive Sosuh

Bailey Stover September 29, 2019

After a trip to Ghana, sisters Genevive and Josephine Sosuh came up with the idea for their business, Made N Ghana Designs. Genevive Sosuh described how their heritage influences their work and what...

This photo was taken by Bailey Stover

Students take interest in fashion forward trends

Bailey Stover May 16, 2018

For countless children growing up, their families called them pet-names such as “sweetie,” “silly-bear” and “snugabug.” This was no different for junior Piper Page, whose parents declared her...

Global Village fashion show brings diversity and smiles to the main commons

Global Village fashion show brings diversity and smiles to the main commons

Siena Juhlin February 22, 2017

Freshman Bailey Stover struts her stuff on the catwalk wearing a yellow and white traditional Mexican dress complete with a flower in her hair Sophomore Cameron Thompson holds a traditional Chinese umbrella...

International dances entertain, educate

Derek Wang March 5, 2014

Pushing through many audio and technical difficulties, the annual RBHS Global Village International Dance Day was a hit. During both lunch periods, an assortment of students took part in performing three...

LOP teacher Quentin Mitchell proudly displays one of his original T-shirts. It states dont afraid to be you.

LOP teacher moonlights as clothing designer, business manager

George Sarafianos March 8, 2013

RBHS basketball Coach Quentin Mitchell types away at his computer in the Loss of Privilege room, furrowing his brow as accidental keystrokes slowed the progress of finishing his desired email. His large...

Style of the Week: Rachel Kirchhofer

Lauren Puckett February 5, 2013

One of the things I've enjoyed most about Style of the Week is getting to know new people -- even if it's only for a few, brief minutes. "Hiding behind a recorder," as it's sometimes called in the journalism...

photos by Asa Lory, art by Jennifer Stanley, outfit selection by Ashleigh Atasoy and Trisha Chaudhary

Fashion trends re-emerge from decades of the past

Trisha Chaudhary January 31, 2013

Every decade in the 1900s had a trademark fashion style. The 1920s had flapper-like loose dresses and long strings of pearls, the 1950s had high-waisted skirts with button downs, and the 1980s had baggy But...

Pritchett wears a polka-dot dress from Forever 21 with her black wedges and bow. Photo by Lauren Puckett.

Style of the Week: Sarah Pritchett

Lauren Puckett January 29, 2013

Well, here we are -- January 29. It's almost 70 degrees outside and storming, not snowing. And that means RBHS students have torn through their wardrobes, bringing out the shorts, skirts, dresses and...

Senior Sarah Dweik wears a sweater with leggings and Converse. Photo by Lauren Puckett.

Style of the Week: Sarah Dweik

Lauren Puckett January 22, 2013

I've become an expert at classroom window shopping. What I mean is this -- I waltz by classrooms, awkwardly peek through the window for an outfit that catches my eye and skip away when some wary student...

Whitworth sports a pair of bright yellow tights after losing a bet over fantasy football. Photo by Patrick Smith

Style of the Week: Nick Whitworth

Lauren Puckett December 18, 2012

While I was eating lunch the other day, the southside hallway exploded in laughter. Senior Alyssa Sykuta came sprinting down the ramp and nearly skidded along the tile as she stopped by me. "Lauren,"...

Junior Megan Kelly wears a black sweater with patterned skinny jeans and brown boots. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Style of the Week: Megan Kelly

Lauren Puckett December 4, 2012

Writing can certainly change perspective. I've never considered myself a "fashion forward" person. I roll out of bed, throw on something clean and try to make it work. That's my style. But writing for...

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