Global Village fashion show brings diversity and smiles to the main commons


Siena Juhlin

Freshman Bailey Stover struts her stuff on the catwalk wearing a yellow and white traditional Mexican dress complete with a flower in her hair

Sophomore Cameron Thompson holds a traditional Chinese umbrella while wearing traditional Chinese clothes. “I thought this fashion show was a cool opportunity and I love experiencing other cultures.” Thompson said.


AP World History teacher Gregory Irwin points at a group of girls while wearing a traditional Japanese robe. “I learned that I was wearing the Hanten which is clothing for men and women,” Irwin said. “Ya know, it’s fun to do, and it’s cool to see students of different cultures.”

A group of Chinese students stand proudly with their traditional Chinese outfits with a happy teacher by their right side.

At the end, all the students who participated line up to show the last glimpse of their diverse outfits. 

Sophmores Laura Scoville and Priya Barua wear traditional Bangladesh outfits down the runway. “I had a great time doing this with all my friends,” Scoville said. “I’m very white so it was cool to learn about their different cultures and actually wear something that was important to them.”

Junior Raghad Nasraldeen wears a traditional Thob that is worn in the holy month of Ramadan and during the holy holiday Eid. “The fashion show didn’t have a lot of people who participated last year,” Nasraldeen said. “But, this year more people joined and it was exciting doing it with my friends and just having a good time.”

Media Center specialist, Beth Shapiro, happily poses midway through the runway in her traditional blue ensemble.