International dances entertain, educate

Derek Wang

Pushing through many audio and technical difficulties, the annual RBHS Global Village International Dance Day was a hit. During both lunch periods, an assortment of students took part in performing three different dances. Senior Sam Ding, who watched the performances, said she enjoyed the performances immensely.

“I thought it was really cool to see them perform something they’ve been working really hard on for awhile,” Ding said. “I was pretty impressed by how enthusiastic some people were. I also thought it was kind of funny because some people, like [senior] Nate [Horvit], were funny on purpose, but it was also surprising to watch my friends do something that I didn’t think they would do.”

Despite being delayed by the audio player, which was having problems, the show went off without many more problems. First, a large group of students performed a few traditional Indian dances. One was just for the girls, while the other dance involved couples dancing together. Senior Katy Shi, who participated in the Indian dance, said that she enjoyed taking part in the dance, causing her to perform in it once again this year.

“I was in it last year and had a lot of fun doing it, so I wanted to do it again this year,” Shi said. “It’s fun and definitely different than what you normally experience in high school.”

Senior Cameron Warder, who also took part in the Indian dance, said that although he was initially reluctant to participate when his friend asked him to join her for the couples portion of the dance, he warmed up to the idea after learning more.

“It was cool just getting to experience part of another culture through their entertainment style.” Warder said.

After the Indian dance was finished, three students performed a traditional Korean dance, and subsequently after, a solo student danced to a modern Korean-Pop song. Following every performance, the performers were met with a round of applause from the audience. Each dance represented a portion of the diversity RBHS has.

“I think the Global Village dances are always really cool to see.” Ding said. “It’s opened my eyes to some really good cultural dances and traditions that I didn’t know about.”
By Derek Wang