“Slutty Brownies” Video Tutorial

Slutty Brownies Video Tutorial


Video by Urmila Kutikkad
Music by Asa Lory
All it takes is one click. One click on the “Food & Drink” tab under “Categories” on Pinterest to change your whole outlook. Once you get a look at all of the dessert options that Pinterest has to offer, no longer will normal brownies or chocolate chip cookies satisfy cravings. Chocolate turtle cookies, peppermint dream cake, or better yet, slutty brownies will take over. Watch this video for an easy tutorial of making slutty brownies: the latest dessert epidemic plaguing the boards of many users on Pinterest. This cookie-brownie combination is an easy alternative to other boring treats, and your friends will love you for it. So you’re welcome.
By Manal Salim & Trisha Chaudhary