Healthy habits in the summer heat


Savannah Singletary

The school year is over, and summer is at our fingertips. Lying down by the pool, getting your feet dirty in some sand volleyball, catching up on sleep and perfecting for a sun-kissed tan are blissful ways to spend the summer of 2015.
One thing that should be necessary is staying healthy. Summer is a great way to begin the New Year’s resolution that was broken after the third week of January when you ate that [insert delicious food item here.] In the winter, it is totally fine to want to curl up on the couch or lie in bed with a brownie, some chips and hot chocolate and binge watch Netflix. Now it’s summer, and staying inside all day is a big no-no.
To still have fun, eat healthy but tasty foods (which is most important), here are five  things to do this summer that doesn’t break the bank, that isn’t ordinary or boring and is simple. In the summer, there is nothing but time, meaning this is the time to try new things and who knows, some fun can come out of it.

  1. Is Chipotle your life? Just thinking about their guacamole as a piece heaven. Yet are you tired of hearing ‘Just so you know the guac is extra?’  I am happy to say that, you can dive yourself in your heart’s desire of guacamole with this recipe. You’re welcome.
  2. Camping is a wonderful way to get closer you friends and nature.To camp there is no need to go anywhere extremely fancy, a nice tent, a warm fire and your own backyard will do some justice, or going to a park. I’ve had a great time camping at Camp Rising Sun at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park.  A great local nature park is the Rock Bridge State Park that has many attractions including some of the most popular hiking trails in the state.There are more than eighteen miles of trails that are open for hiking, jogging, bicycling, etc. Visitors of the park will notice many sinkholes, caves, underground streams and small springs, all characteristic of a topography known as “ karst.” While at the park you can visit the oh-so-famous “Devil’s Icebox”.The Devil’s Icebox Cave is one of the park’s nine known caves, and the sixth longest cave in Missouri. (Devil’s Icebox Cave has a total mapped passage distance of more than seven miles.) Also in the cave, endangered gray bats use the cave as roosting site to give birth to and raise their young.
  3. By the powers vested in me (which are none) I declare smoothies as one of the unofficial summer beverages. These delicious healthy smoothie recipes make it easy to eat healthy with fruit, milk, immune-boosting yogurt, and other nutritious ingredients smoothies make staying healthy easy and delicious. These smoothies can inspire you to mix and match your beverage choice based on what your day’s regimen. If you are a strawberry fanatic like me, I’d recommend the “Strawberry Banana” smoothie for a rich taste that is  perfect for the hot weather.
  4. I’m about to talk about yoga. Yes, yoga. You know, that exercise that yoga pants were invented for. (Shocker, I know right?) However, I digress; yoga is a great stress reliever, reducing the physical effect of stress on the body. In addition, it eases symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. (Some practitioners report that even emotional pain has been eased through the practice of yoga.)
  5. As the temperatures heat up, cool summer treats are in high demand. Popsicles are simply perfect. Sure, you could buy a box, but making them yourself is so much fun, and the flavor possibilities are endless. Popsicles are timeless fun and by making them yourself you can make them as healthy as you please. The “Cantaloupe and Strawberry” popsicle  is the holy grail. Combining two of the most sweet and savory fruits and making them into a popsicle is probably the greatest thing you could ask for in the popsicle world.

There are many ways to stay healthy this summer. Becoming healthy is not a huge sacrifice anymore. Make this summer the redemption of the January mishap, and the start of you 2.0.By Savannah Singletary