on Halloween favorites


Photo by George Frey

Camryn DeVore

The origin of Halloween dates back to the days of the Celtic people. They celebrated a festival called Samhain.  The Celtics celebrated their new year on Nov. 1. After being conquered by Romans, the two cultures combined.  Pope Boniface IV moved All Souls Day to be on Nov. 1. The day prior to All Souls Day was called All-Hallows, middle English for All Saints Day. This tradition did not directly make its way to America, but colonists continued these traditions on Oct. 31, when they told ghost stories. This evolved into trick or treating, where people would go door to door in search of money or food. Such festivities became the modern day tradition we know as Halloween.[wp_quiz id=”305730″][vc_text_separator title=”What is your favorite part of Halloween?” color=”green”]Amya Carson, sophomorePeter Popescu, freshmanFreddy Simpson, juniorAfnan Hussain, junior”My favorite part of Halloween is how festive Rock Bridge gets, because I love seeing all the excitement in all the students its so much fun to see everyone have so much spirit and love the holidays.””I like all the spooky memes… I like the trees and the costumes.””My favorite part of Halloween is going out with my friends and trick or treating, it’s the only time I feel like myself.””My favorite part about Halloween is trick or treating because I love getting free candy and I like dressing up with friends.”