Student View: Internet Privacy and Facebook


Jared Geyer

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and creator of Facebook, placed himself in the forefront of internet privacy discussions in the past weeks following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The scandal began when it was revealed that millions of Facebook users had their data shared with a company contracted by Cambridge Analytica. The data could be used many different ways, but it is unknown what it is being used for at the moment.
The story kickstarted March 9, when Facebook released a statement about banning Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica had been harvesting personal data from Facebook users. The data could have possibly been used for political purposes. Other news sources also reported the story as well, focusing on the scraping of information by Cambridge. The discussion on internet privacy has since been talked about heavily.
As the discussion progressed, Mark Zuckerberg testified before congress for two days. Zuckerberg testifying before congress became highly publicized. Congress was scrutinized for throwing Zuckerberg softballs while Zuckerberg himself was subject to jokes about how he acted like he wasn’t actually human. Since the controversy started, Facebook has begun to tell users if their data has been taken by Cambridge Analytica. Time will tell if Facebook’s reputation is irreversibly damaged, however the stocks for Facebook look promising to strategists after the congress hearing. Students from Rock Bridge express their opinions over the recent controversy along with internet privacy in general.

How important is do you think internet privacy is?