Behind the Paper – Ben Kimchi


Carmen Ramirez

On this edition of Behind the Paper, I interview sophomore Ben Kimchi. I met Ben at the beginning of junior year because we were both in orchestra. I didn’t talk to him that much at first because he sat a few chairs in front of me, so I never got the chance. But once we discovered that we were both going to be in newspaper this year, we became closer, and I now think of him as a good friend. He’s a talented writer and cellist. He’s also funny and very smart. Hopefully you feel the same way.
Tell me a little about yourself (i.e. hobbies, family, pets, etc.).
“I enjoy competing on the RBHS speech and debate team as well as playing cello in our chamber orchestra. I have three very sweet dogs, two fluffy white clumber spaniels and one short little dachshund. I enjoy a good chess match and watching episodes of The Twilight Zone.”
What is your position on staff?
“I am a writer.”
What do you like about writing?
“I love being able to communicate with an audience. Similar to debate, conveying an idea to people really feels purposeful, and wondering how people interpret my words is my favorite puzzle.”
What is your favorite part of Newspaper?
“My favorite part of Newspaper is without a doubt working on a team to work towards a tangible end product. Winning awards on our paper is great, but the hours we spend writing, editing and tweaking the designs and message of our product is what makes it worth it.”
What made you want to join Newspaper?
“I wanted to join Newspaper to gain journalistic experience and improve my ability to write. Getting to interview very unique people is also a plus.”
Do you plan to take newspaper or journalism in college and/or pursue a career in that field?
“No, I would like to pursue a career in either law or medicine.”