Behind the Paper – Jordan Rogers


Carmen Ramirez

On this edition of Behind the Paper, we learn about junior Jordan Rogers and how he came to be on staff. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know a lot about Jordan before this interview. The few times I had talked to him were when I had an art piece for a story he’d written. Hopefully now that I know more about him, I can talk to him more as a friend.
Tell me a little about yourself (i.e. hobbies, family, pets, etc.).
“My name is Jordan Rogers. I was born and raised in Columbia, MO. I love going to and watching baseball games, spending time with family, cooking and playing video games. I have an older sister who attends the University of Kansas, which is always interesting since my family members are big Mizzou fans. I have two dogs and two cats, and all of them are named after Star Wars characters (Luke, Leia, Anakin, and Skywalker).”
What is your position on staff?
“I am a writer for Bearing News and The Rock.”
What do you like about writing?
“My favorite thing about writing is seeing the finished story come together after all of the edits and hard work. I also love seeing my articles in the newspaper and listening to students talk about it. I enjoy writing articles people would actually want to read instead of the boring essays you have to write for studies classes.”
What is your favorite part of Newspaper?
“My favorite part of newspaper is being part of a team that cares about what their writing about, and also seeing my articles in the newspaper or on Bearing News.”
What made you want to join Newspaper?
“Last year when I took Journalistic Writing, I actually wasn’t planning on taking newspaper this year. However, after I got to work on an actual newspaper and see what the class was like, I decided to join.”
Do you plan to take newspaper or journalism in college and/or pursue a career in that field?
“At this point I do not plan to pursue journalism in college, but when I was younger I wanted to be a sports broadcaster and write for the St. Louis Cardinals.”