on sexual harassment


used with permission

Camryn DeVore

[dropcap style=”flat”]T[/dropcap]he #metoo movement made its rise at the Golden Globes, with actors wearing black in support of those who had experienced sexual harassment and the women willing to speak out about their experiences. Men and women alike came together under this movement, including actor Aziz Ansari.
Ansari went on to win Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, though his celebration was cut short when an article was published following the Golden Globes on Babe.net. The article was a story sent in by an anonymous female claiming how her date with Aziz Ansari had gone horribly wrong.
The article claimed Ansari sexually harassed her by making repeated sexual advances, although the source stated she was not clear on her objections. This caused a large outcry across the media, wondering whether or not Ansari’s actions were sexual harassment, bringing to light the question: What is defined as sexual harassment?
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