Out of Line: Finding your inspiration in others


Camryn DeVore

As a young photographer I truly had no clue what I wanted to do. I didn’t have a style of photography, nor did I have any type of technique. When I started shooting for my friends and involving more of what they wanted, I asked them to find photos they would like to replicate. This way when I would shoot with them, I was able to find their style and manipulate the photos so they would match those styles. The more I asked people to choose photos they liked, the more I found myself doing the same thing. There were plenty of shoots I did with no reference or inspiration, but the photos I generally love are the ones that come from some source of inspiration.
As a photographer I highly suggest looking to any social media because you are bound to find a photographer who shoots with the similar style as you. I personally love the style of Bryant Eslava, as it is very warm tone-based, and I love that look. This particular photo that I am sharing is very much like Bryant’s style, as it capitalizes on warm tones and he often shoots in urban environments.
My best advice to any photographer would be to find a photo you like and try and find out who took the photo. Then look at some of the other pieces of work that photographer has created. I would suggest to avoid trying to duplicate the photos produced by the photographer of your choice. Each of those pieces are their own; what I am suggesting is that you take examples from photographers whom you look up to and work on building your own style. From their you will be able to create photos that represent your style and your artistic capabilities.