Out of Line: Improvement is key


Camryn DeVore

Improving is frequently easier said than done. Learning which techniques will help you as a photographer is key. From personal experience, the only way that really works for me is just getting out and taking more photos. The more often I take photos, the better my quality of work becomes. I first got into photography around seventh grade, when I was 13 years old. I got my first “nice” camera that year for Christmas; it wasn’t a DSLR, but it was a good camera for me to start working on photography with, since I wasn’t all that serious at the time about it. As I started shooting with it, The Samsung Red WB1100F Smart Camera, more I started doing research on different cameras and what I wanted to shoot with.
My mother at the time had a Canon T3i, which I soon began using more than she would. I would run around taking photos of anything and everything. As I did this more often, I started realizing my photos were getting better. I usually took close ups of everyday objects like the Christmas decorations we had hanging around the house. As I got more comfortable with my skill, I started asking my friends to go out with me around town, going on our own mini photo shoots.

At first my portrait photography was not so hot. Looking back, I am kind of offended nobody ever told me that it might need some help, but over the years I have been able to work on that aspect of my work a lot, and I can proudly say I see a large difference between when I first started shooting and now.
 If there’s anything you learn from this, it should be that practice really does make perfect. Go out and take more photos,and find what motivates you; that’s how you can truly improve.