Out of Line: Holiday lights


Camryn DeVore

With the holiday season already here, I figured doing a holiday-themed post would be fitting for the occasion. In this post I will share some of my favorite photos I have taken that involve playing with lights and fireworks. My first two photos are firework-based. Taking the photo of the firework itself was easier said than done; finding the balance between the shutter speed and getting enough light was more tough than I originally thought it was going to be. In order to do so I continued to shoot until I found the settings that worked for me.
My second photo was one I took using a sparkler and setting my shutter speed to almost a full second. This allowed the person holding the sparkler to move it in a heart-shaped pattern, producing the resulting photo. One thing to keep in mind when shooting like this is that you’ll want to go over the shape multiple times because you won’t get the defintion in the shape if you only go over it once. I do believe that this is one style every photographer should try because it is so much different than other styles, and the end product is always incredible.
For my third and fourth photos I played with pixie/festive lights. When I shoot with strands of lights I tend to try and put some of the lights in the foreground as bokeh. It enhances the theme of the photo, and if placed correctly in the format of the photo, it enhances the framing of the subject and can create a more visually appealing image. With it being the holidays there will be plenty of opportunities for all photographers to start playing with lights and learning to create their own styles with them. I hope all of you get to explore with lights soon because it is now a style that I adore.