Tar Nar – Thailand


Maria Kalaitzandonakes

Photo by Maria Kalaitzandonakes
Listen to Tar Nar (10th Grade) tell his story.
*Some grammatical/spelling edits have been made to allow better understanding.
I was born in Thailand’s refugee camp. My birthday is January 1st 1995. I have three brothers and two sisters. I lived in Thailand refugee camps, sheltered by the United Nations. I didn’t have money or food. I went to school. I didn’t have umbrella. I didn’t have the shoes. I went to school it was raining. I looked broken-hearted. I touch water. Burma and Thailand is not free country.
My parents came to Thailand when Burma soldiers abolished the Karen people. My people always afraid. Karen people have many abroad. Burma soldiers are against Karen people. Burma is much abuse. In 2001 I went to Thailand school for two years, to 2002.
I have many problems. 2001 is typhoon destroyed my house. I sit on the map, I look like tyhoon is horrible. I hear typhoon, thunderous. It smells wrong. Touch is many water. After I went to my friends’s house. In 2003 I came back to a Karen school. In 2008 I went to Burma country for one month. I came back in the Thailand refugee camp in 2011. May there is a typhoon gaina, but everybody don’t have problems, sheltered by the United Nations. 2012 January 17th is I come to America. I am a student. I went to school. My school’s name is Hickman High School. Every morning I go to Rock Bridge High School. At 11 o’clock I came to Hickman.

Reporting by Maria Kalaitzandonakes