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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Day 131

Day 131

Bailey Stover July 26, 2020

And the world spins madly on. Today is July 26. I feel the need to disclose my heading for the day comes from The Weepies song “Word Spins Madly On.” I’d like to claim the clever line as my own,...

Day 111

Day 111

Bailey Stover July 6, 2020

Time is a strange concept. Today is July 6. Maybe a more sane person would think staying up until 3 a.m. to finish the second season of Quantico is crazy, but I’m always up for a challenge. I wasn’t...

A collage of included album covers.

A World of Sounds

Jack Speake December 11, 2018

Approaching “World of Sounds” as a spotify playlist was incredibly hard. The goal was to strike a balance between showing off music from parts of the world less familiar to those and rock bridge while...

Lead singer Jay Farrar performing at Roots n Blues n BBQ in Stephens Lake Park.

Son Volt hit’s edgy alternative note

Ethan Hayes October 1, 2018

Son Volt is a band that soothes listeners and gives a refreshing take on alternative music. Its rock and country instrumentals accompanied by lead singer Jay Farrar's alleviating voice transports the audience...

Senior Marine Caron from Tours, France, is an exchange student through the Rotary Exchange Program. Photo by Camryn DeVore

Students travel abroad, acquire cultural understanding

Emily Oba November 8, 2017

[dropcap style="flat" size="4"]F[/dropcap]or some individuals, leaving home to live in another country can be a scary. With new languages, customs and people, studying abroad can seem like being in a completely...

Studies teacher Gregory Irwin teaches Advanced Placement
World History, a class he teaches with Shawna Matteson.
 Photo by Maya Bell.

Partner teaching at RBHS benefits lesson plans

Ji-Sung Lee October 31, 2017

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince the mid-’90s, partner teaching at RBHS has offered a way to combine English and history. For social studies teacher Shawna Matteson, partner teaching increases her job satisfaction,...

A+ program adjustments impact international students

A+ program adjustments impact international students

Caylea Ray January 28, 2016

Junior Ethan Howards assists preschoolers for the A+ program. One requisite for the program is a certain number of hours for tutoring. International students may soon find themselves paying $217 per...

140 characters limit corrupts English language

140 characters limit corrupts English language

Nicole Schroeder May 13, 2014

[dropcap size="5"]A[/dropcap]nyone who texts or posts on social media sites on a regular basis knows of that person: the one who can’t seem to spell words out or has to use countless hashtags to describe...

Nothing lost in translation

Nothing lost in translation

Brayden Parker January 31, 2014

[heading size="16"]Learning English 1 word at a time[/heading] Sitting silently in the front row of her last-hour advisory, freshman Chi Chung has pen in hand and school on the mind, completing the day's...

January 2013: Media Specialist, Gwen Struchtemeyer assists RBHS senior Connor Fraser with studying for the ACT. Many students take the generous opportunity offered by Structemeyer to better prepare them for achieving a higher score on the standardized test. Photo by Aniqa Rahman
Originally posted in 2013

Media Specialist prepares pupils for ACT

Sam Mitchell January 12, 2013

Whether it be early morning before the first bell of the school day, lunch time when most teachers and students are taking a short break from their work, or after school on a Friday afternoon when most...

Students who help translate for their parents have many responsiblities, one of them being filling out checks in English. Parents sign the check after the child fills out the check, making it legal tender. Photo by Paige Kiehl.

Kids serve as interpreters for parents

Maria Kalaitzandonakes January 9, 2013

At the end of each month, senior Taw Taw’s father comes to him with an outstretched arm. In his callused hand is a blank check. Taw puts it on the table, and with his new English skills, writes the...

Salah Hameed - Iraq

Salah Hameed – Iraq

Maria Kalaitzandonakes November 15, 2012

Listen to Salah Hameed (10th Grade) tell his story. *Some grammatical/spelling edits have been made to allow better understanding. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq on January 22, 1997. My parents are from...

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