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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Infographic by Trisha Chaudhary

Weapons still prevalent in high school

Maria Kalaitzandonakes May 27, 2013

It was late one night and junior Savannah Johnson was with her friend at a gas station, filling up the tank, when they noticed two men in another car staring at them. Johnson, feeling nervous, told her...

Like I said, quick and easy. Youre almost ready to grab your mister or missus and sweep them off their feet with a blueberry pie and a day in the park.

As easy as pie

Maria Kalaitzandonakes May 13, 2013

Everybody knows their grandma's ol' recipe. But here is a delicious twist, an easy blueberry cream pie for the busy teen. Enjoy! By Maria Kalaitzandonakes 

Last concert joins Hickman and Rock Bridge orchestras together

Last concert joins Hickman and Rock Bridge orchestras together

Maria Kalaitzandonakes May 9, 2013

Bitter rivalry raged this year with every competition between Hickman High School and RBHS — from the Providence Bowl to Twitter wars. But today, on this overcast evening, a group of students came together,...

Greek Orthodox students celebrate Easter

Sophie Whyte May 5, 2013

At 11:30 last night a congregation sat in the dark chapel lit only by a few dim candles. The eager crowd observed the chants which went on until midnight. At the hour, the priest blessed a candle and lit...

The flag waves at half staff. Photo by Jacqueline LeBlanc

Boston suspect chase sparks reaction from students

Maria Kalaitzandonakes April 19, 2013
One RBHS student's parents were participating in the marathon
The jelly bean display.
Photo by Maria Kalaitzandonakes

The sweetest season

Maria Kalaitzandonakes April 18, 2013

Spring is here. The pitter-pattering of the rain has begun to hit my windows every morning. And I lull myself to sleep with quiet french songs, cuddled up in the nook of easy chair with a worn out Harry...

Gone but never forgotten

Gone but never forgotten

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 29, 2013

Sometimes I forget that they’re gone. This year I lost three important people in my life, and all in different ways. I expected sadness, I expected grief and anger. But the longest lasting, most frustrating...

Finished! Just in time for the rest of the family waking up to a delicious smelling kitchen! Good morning!

She’s a good egg

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 8, 2013

Even if you're not a morning person, you should try out this easy breakfast quiche. Perfect way to start any day! By Maria Kalaitzandonakes

‘The Moo Man’ humanizes heifers

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 3, 2013

On a little dairy farm in Sussix, England Andy Heathcote provides a quiet look into the farmer Stephen Hook’s life, and more uniquely, the life of his cows. Here, at Hook and Son’s Farm, Heathcote...

Photo used with permission from The Village at the End of the World press kit.

‘The village at the end of the world’ captures true essence of Niaqornat

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 2, 2013

Sarah Gavron’s film, “Village at the End of the World,” surprised me. I went in expecting either a climate change frenzy film or a technology is ruining our lives rant. And Gavron did neither of...

The show must go on

The show must go on

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 2, 2013

T/F gives new meaning to "the show must go on." This skill of combining innovative thinking and just plan common sense in the most frustrating of circumstances is how, somehow, they pull this festival...

This looks like a big bowl of cheese. Really, it is a big bowl of sweet potatoes. The sheer amount of potato that went into this dish was overwhelming. SO much orange.

Hot potato, hot potato

Maria Kalaitzandonakes February 22, 2013

Cupcakes are usually sweet -- but this day, I tried something different. The recipe said I was making mini Shepard's pie, but  I think it was more of a delicious sweet potato, pork and veggie cupcake....

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