0n what they would do in the White House


Cassidy Viox

Camerin Powell, freshman

“If I were president, I would work to stop hate crime in America. I feel like that is why most of the crime happens. People just dislike someone so they do something criminalized. Most of the crimes in the past two years have been based off of hate, like Michael Brown. There’s so many different people, and it’s mostly a racial problem.”

Luke Pfitzinger, sophomore

“If I were president, I would work on unifying the country back together by getting down to the deep roots and trying to make people realize that we’re all Americans. It doesn’t matter your sexuality, race or any of that.  At the end of the day, we’re all Americans, and we’re here to do the same thing.”

Katie Kirchhofer, senior

If I were president, I would make environmental impacts of our living and of our nation top tier issue so that we stop worrying about the kind of materialistic, unimportant things and start worrying about having a planet to live on that is sustainable and able to support seven billion people. Also, I would come together with other countries. Almost more importantly, that would include ending our greed as a nation because the planet has enough to sustain all of our people, but it doesn’t have enough to sustain everyone’s greed.”

Roz Eggener, junior

If I were president, I would create a national standard of living so that way, all of the people that are poor and dying and hungry because they were born into that life can actually make something of themselves. The idea that they can because of the ‘American Dream’ and ‘American Way’ is just ridiculous. People can’t come from literally nothing and become something. I would definitely even out the distribution of money, as well, so there wasn’t such a vast difference between the 99 percent and the one percent.”roz

Moiz Muhammad, senior

I would probably focus on making college more affordable. Education would be my largest focus point. I would fix our school systems and make our public schools more equal place to place. I’d try to eliminate ‘No Child Left Behind’ and try to make equal public schooling for all socio-economic environments.”moiz