Students react to election results, wonder what’s to come


Photo by Cassidy Viox

Kat Sarafianos

The election results that announced business mogul and Republican nominee Donald Trump as the president of the United States today shocked millions. The controversial winner has been criticized as racist and sexist by many opposers and as an unbiased, breath of fresh air by supporters.
In 2008, Trump instigated the birther movement, a series of allegation that President Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii despite no confirming evidence. In early 2016, during his presidential campaign, Trump promised rally supporters he would build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants from entering illegally.
Despite his many controversial remarks, he managed to beat Democrat rival, Hilary Clinton, by 51 electoral college votes.

Read on to see what RBHS students think.

[vc_empty_space][vc_text_separator title=”Student Views”][vc_gallery interval=”0″ images=”288968″]”I am not really worried about Trump winning because I don’t feel like he can actually do anything. Honestly, I’m not worried but of course people will be openly racist more. It just shows how racist people are and shows how a lot of Americans feel about immigrants.”
—Donia Shawn, junior”I was definitely shocked about the outcome of the election. I did’t see it coming at all, but I feel like we need to give Trump a chance to do his thing and maybe he’ll turn out to be good for America.”
—Ashwath Elangovan, junior