Weightless Confidence

Cassidy Viox

Donia Shawn, a sophomore at RBHS, has a beautiful smile that can light up a room. With her Middle Eastern complexion and thick dark hair, there’s not a thing about Shawn that is less than perfect. She loves her teeth more than any other part of her body and is confident in herself when she smiles and laughs, which she does quite frequently.
“My favorite part of me is my smile,” Shawn said. “I’ve always had good teeth and I’ve never had braces so I’ve never had a problem with my teeth,”
She is a happy and cheerful girl that can make anybody’s day and her warming smile reflects her personality. Despite the fact that she is alluring and gorgeous, Shawn has common insecurities that can bring her down, as well.
“Sometimes whenever I smile my chin looks bigger. I don’t like it because it embarrasses me and it looks bad,” Shawn says. “If there is any one thing I could do to change my smile it would be to get rid of the acne surrounding it because that doesn’t make me feel good about myself.
Just like any normal teenager, Shawn is insecure about her body’s natural reactions and has a hard time accepting them.
“My teeth really look nice to me so I really enjoy smiling, it’s just my chin that I don’t like,” says Shawn. Although she thinks that her acne is annoying and she wishes she didn’t have it, she does not let those small blemishes hold her back from loving herself for who she is inside and out.
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