Annual Powder Puff to showcase class rivalry, competitive spirits


As their teammates on the side lines look up to the stadium lights, the rest of the Juniors huddle together for both tactic, and warmth, brain storming a game plan to beat the Sophomores. Photo by Elizabeth Upton

Ji-Sung Lee

As sophomore Powder Puff team captain Paityn Alexander scans the field during practice, she sees a group of laughing ladies.  They are small and poised, contrary to the typical broad shouldered, high school male football players that take the field with intents to make smart plays. For the 18 girls who represent their grade in the Powder Puff tournament, the girls are in it for the fun.
The yearly tradition switches common roles, as the girls play and the boys coach.  The first game of the tournament will take place at 6:30 p.m. on the evening of Nov. 3.  It will begin with a match up between the freshmen and the juniors.  Following the first round, the sophomores and seniors will battle out for a spot to move on.  The winners of each match will play each other in a bracket style in hopes of getting to the championship game.
“I am excited to play Powder Puff because you get involved and meet new people,” Alexander said.  “It is fun to be competitive and work together to achieve the goal, which is winning.”
Besides trying to end up on top, Powder Puff also allows team bonding with girls who may never talk outside of the game.
“Powder Puff is a fun way to get involved and meet new people, while playing a sport you probably don’t know much about,” Alexander said.  “The competition aspect of it brings the team bond closer because everyone wants to work together to beat their rival class.”
Alexander believes the upperclassmen will advance and their age and experience will help secure them a greater chance of winning.  While the underclassmen might be new to the tradition, the freshmen continue to get their hopes up as they take the field for the first time. For freshman team captain Maddie Orr, however, her first year on the turf doesn’t intimidate what’s ahead.
“I actually think we can get past the juniors and get into the next round,” Orr said.  “I think we might be able to.  We have a lot of athletic and motivated girls that are ready to perform and make it to the end.”
On the other hand, the senior girls showcase their  pride with the usual victory they bring.  As they get ready to make their lasting impressions, the possible victory shows what they’ll put in to play for the last time.
“It’s really fun and is a nice activity that brings together the different groups of girls from all the classes,” senior student council vice president Julia Bower said.  “I’m just excited to play with my friends and just have a good time.  It’s not rigged this year, but we are hoping we will still win.”
For Orr, meeting all the freshman, most of whom she didn’t know was memorable in itself. As they work to achieve a common goal, the outcome is set aside.  Orr claims the experience alone will be a win for her.
“We will have an opportunity to be a team of girls having a great time with each other,” Orr said.  “The practices were fun too so we for sure made great memories, whether we end up winning or not.”
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