Money Buys Happiness


Money is what makes the world go ’round. Our lives would be drastically different without it.

Ann Fitzmaurice

Through songs such as Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ and ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ by the Beatles, it’s drilled into our minds that money can’t buy happiness. Although money itself cannot alone change a person’s feelings, it might just play a part in achieving true happiness.
Happiness can come from even a little money to the poor and a lot of money to the rich, said Dan Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard University. He also discovered money can buy happiness, as long as it’s spent on experiences instead of material things. Although material purchases may make a person happy for a short period of time, a survey conducted by Gilbert found that 57 percent of people gained happiness from spending money on experiences like vacations and trips to visit friends, while 34 percent of people said that they achieved true happiness from buying material items.
Not only do people gain emotional positivity from splurging on themselves, but they also gain it from buying things for others.
Having $200 in our pocket won’t necessarily make our day better; however, using that $200 to buy things that may help our health emotionally and physically will. Business Insider says people with an excess amount of money can live longer and healthier lives due to being able to pay for the healthcare they need and healthier food which is shown to be more expensive than unhealthy food. The wealthy can also enjoy financial security and control what they do on a day to day basis.
However, another survey of 125 wealthy families showed that although money can ease many factors in a person’s life, it can also make it more difficult. The families said for their children, the money aspect can go both ways, both positively and negatively.
On one side the money makes it easier for the children to grow up and have a bright future: with better schools, more cultural exposure for travel and experiences to learn from the kids become more well rounded, Gilbert said. On the other side, the money can cause stress for the families on their outlook; if the children would be stereotyped as rich kids, and if the kids would ever know if people loved them or their money. Others worried about their children’s motivation and if they wanted to work even though they already had the money they needed to survive.
Living through high school is one of the hardest things someone experiences, said April Peveteaux. Peveteaux, who is both a mother and an author, says students simultaneously finding their independence, juggling school work, and dealing with teenage emotions is a concept intensified over the years with the increasing amount of work . Social Science says kids who try hard in school end up making more money. In fact, the Eastern Economic Journal says boys who up their GPA by at least one point earn an extra 11.85 percent pay, and girls an extra 13.77 percent.
Is the knowledge that money leads to happiness enough motivation to keep grades high? In the long run, money is what makes the world go round. It is craved for wants and required for needs, and if someone doesn’t have enough of it they are more stressed and depressed according to Center on Education Policy.
High scores on tests such as the ACT almost guarantee acceptance into a good university while saving money because of scholarships. Good educations at the university can land anyone with the right criteria a well paying and worthwhile job. The bottom line is if kids want to be happier and healthier in their adult lives, they need to start working harder in school, now.
Money may not be the essence of happiness, but it is something every person needs to survive. Food, water, and shelter all cost money, and protection is needed to keep safe from evil in the world. 7,665,000 homeless die each year from starvation, and  National Coalition for the Homeless reported there were 18 deaths out of the 109 attacks the non-homeless made against the homeless. Money doesn’t directly influence our brain to a more positive mindset, but what can be done with money does. Money gives the tools needed for a better education, greater opportunity for a more enjoyable job, and proper healthcare.
Although there are no true steps to success, says motivational speaker Clint Cora, with every ounce of hard work a person puts in, they will get the same amount back as a reward. If students work hard towards a better education, they will be rewarded later in terms of a well paying and worthwhile job. As for now, we need to do well in school so the path we set ourselves on is better organized, and will lead to a better result; more money.
So, given the question if money buys happiness, ask which brings more: sleeping on a bed of bricks or a five star hotel?