Culinary class caters kickoff for T/F


George Sarafianos

Culinary students get ready for T/F's Jubilee during class today, Feb. 27.
Culinary students get ready for T/F’s Jubilee during class today, Feb. 27. Photo by George Sarafianos
While hundreds of movie-goers are watching Jodorosky’s Dune at the Missouri Theatre, 203 S. 9th St., RBHS Culinary Arts students are clearing the remainder of their catering at the True/False Film Festival’s kick off celebration, The Jubilee, tonight.
The masquerade gala started at 5:30 p.m. and ended before the screening of the film. For the past several weeks, students in all of the Culinary Arts classes at the Columbia Area Career Center and Chef Brook Harlan have been working to create the perfect menu for this evening, including h’orderves such as bacon wrapped scallops, bruschetta crostini, lemon curd cream puffs and many others.
“Me and a couple other students started planning the menu roughly three weeks ago, we started with the general idea of what we wanted to do for the jubilee,” senior Jacob Knerr said. “Then we went through a series of counseling with all of the chefs to find out what we should and shouldn’t do, and how we should tweak the menu to find out the most simple, as well as satisfying option.”
Catering True/False events since 2009, Harlan adamantly believes the annual Jubilee acts as the best possible learning experience for the students.
“This is probably the highest level that they can get to, they’re in a situation where everything is elevated,” Harlan said. “They have to be able to think on their feet, put everything together. They have to think about, fix and execute problems as they are going. So regardless of whatever happens between now and the Jubilee, we are going to be ready.”
The students will serve the festival goers until 7 p.m., at which time Jodorowsky’s Dune will commence showing. The event will be available to all festival goers with appropriate passes, and will be the perfect evening, True/False Press Liaison Jessica Anania said.
“It’s always been a really fun way to kick off the festival,” Anania said. “People come out, get dressed up, eat great food, and watch a great movie.”
By George Sarafianos

Were you at the Jubilee? What did you think of the food?