Fashion of True/False


“I have been getting the back of my head shaved and colored for the last year. This is the first time I’ve ever done more than two colors. I have a lot of fun with it because you can hide it, show it or do whatever with it depending on the mood you’re in. It’s an easy way to be fun and funky. Fashion at True/False showcases different people from across the world, and for people here in Missouri it’s an opportunity for them to express themselves. That’s the fun thing about the weekend; getting to showcase yourself and your style.” — Pass Holder outside Missouri United Methodist Church

George Frey

True/False, a celebration filled with colorful, eclectic people to say the least. It’s a showcase of Columbia’s self-expression. Part film festival, part concert, part public art exhibition and, of course, part fashion show.
This year ‘Queue Queens of True/False,’ were out in full force making their mark on the event with their colorful outfits, which equally matched their colorful and creative personalities.
Along each block there was some kind of funky, person dancing, making art or just helping people out around the festival. Even patrons themselves were brought out of their shells and dressed not only for comfort, but to showcase their effortless style and creative outlook on the streets of downtown Columbia this past weekend.