Student View: Winter Olympic Games


Sam Mitten

A suspect opening ceremony seems to be the biggest topic of discussion this year for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The reason for the commotion is the major fault in the pyrotechnics;  the fifth Olympic ring, representing North America, failed to illuminate, which arose questions about bias and legitimacy of judging against America and Russia, although the vast majority of claims are purely speculation.

Through all of the questioning and disjunctive argumentative points that have arisen within the past few weeks, the meaning of the Olympics is to symbolize a gathering of nations to compete against each other on the most prestigious stage of all. Athletes compete for medals of gold, silver and bronze which represent first, second and third places respectively. While these athletes train their whole lives to compete on these stages, the world creates a pastime of their performances quadrennially when they occur. Naturally, the spectator would have a sport that they most enjoy watching.

Student View

“It kind of changes year to year but I’d say I’m a fan of the figure skating. I just think it’s really incredible how they can do that. Especially the couples figure skating where generally the guy kind of throws the girl in the air and she flips like eight times and i have absolutely no idea how they do it. It’s amazing to watch and I just think it takes so much talent.“ – Senior Jon Crader

Student View

“I’d say my favorite is ice skating because it really gives the ice skater the opportunity to express themselves in how they perform and what music they go with.“ – Junior Claire Simon

Student View

“My favorite part of the Olympics is definitely the curling portion … and I like curling because the entire thing just kind of fits together, like, each little part matters; each placement of each stone matters.“ – Sophomore Abraham Drury

Student View

“Downhill skiing is my favorite Olympic sport because I’m a huge fan of skiing and they’re going really fast and I really like that.“ – Freshman Caroline Critchfield

By Sam Mitten