Lakota Coffee Company


Urmilla Kuttikad

[media url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″] There’s a happily charming ambiance about Lakota Coffee Company. It’s been around for over 20 years, nestled in a row of brightly-painted store-fronts along 9th street. Once the bright blue door shuts behind you, the unmistakably warm aroma of good coffee wraps around you like the best of hugs. A bookshelf whose wooden shelves are crookedly lined with narrow books and board games leans against the exposed brick wall. Best of all, tucked away in a corner is a massive, red coffee roaster, slumbering lazily. Take a quiet Sunday afternoon to slip into Lakota. It’ll be worth it.
Jim Meyer, who teaches the Latin sequence, Humanities, Mythology and Classical Roots, used to spend hours upon hours at Lakota while in graduate school. Listen to him talk about the significance of Lakota as well as the fond memories he has of it.
By Urmila Kutikkad