2013 Golden Cow raises spirits, funds


Urmilla Kuttikad

Golden Cow, which Student Council held this year on Wednesday, Feb. 6, is a cherished RBHS tradition, managing to warm even a cold February night with laughter and dancing. For one night, students and teachers alike drop their inhibitions and dance and lip-sync with everything they’ve got, all to raise money for the University of Missouri-Columbia’s program Rockin’ Against Multiple Sclerosis. Whether it was fiercely dancing zombies, shameless stripping or an adorable pug shirt, this year’s Golden Cow didn’t disappoint.
First Place: Team Dixon
Second Place: Team Adam Burnam
Third Place: Erik Miller
[media url=”https://vimeo.com/59124230″ width=”640″ height=”360″] [heading style=”1″]Performers[/heading] The Moo Revue
Drew Rodgers, Laurel Critchfield, Hyelee Won, Shelby Richardson, Kate Harline, Nidhi Khurana, Devin Carney, Marissa Soumokil, Lauren Livesay, Nick Hardeman, Brett Stover, Joe Pratt, Khaymen Hoelscher, Sam Brand, Robert Benad, Earl Salmons, Stephen Turban
Erik Miller
Erik Miller
Morgan Widhalm, Emily Thomas, Lauren Puckett, Megan Kelly, Sam Ryan, Jaynell Lardizabal, Eryn Wanyonyi, Aniqa Rahman, Evann Twitchell, Asa Lory, David Wang, Grant Flakne, Brice LaFond, Aaron Meyers, Bobby Backus
Pug Motivation
Adam Burnam
Team Dixon
West Wilson, Olivia Mends, Annie Rumpf, Matt Bush, Sydney Ringdahl, Mike Nemec, Chris Hickman, Morgan Bumby, Josie Camden, Katherine Odom, Sam Keller, Eli Sherman
Video by Urmila Kutikkad