First meeting of the semester

Urmilla Kuttikad

Global Issues had our first meeting of the semester tonight from 7-8 p.m. in Room 224. Only old members of the club really had to come, since we mainly made posters to advertise next week’s meeting to make it really huge with lots of new people, but of course, new faces are always welcome at Global Issues at any time!
Next week’s meeting, however, is really going to kick off the year. We raised money for aid for the conflict in Syria last semester, but this semester we’ll be picking a new issue to raise money for, and anyone who comes to next week’s meeting will help decide what cause we help. At tonight’s meeting, we narrowed the causes we’d like to work on down to four, so come next week to help decide what issue we’re ultimately going to go with.
Plus, we’ll probably have free pizza (!!), which is always good, so everyone definitely come to Global Issues next week (Wednesday from 7-8 p.m.)! We’re excited to have an awesome semester.
By Urmila Kutikkad
Our club sponsor, Mr. Kirchhofer, was recently in a serious car accident, but is recovering well. Please keep him in your thoughts and hearts.