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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

United States closes borders to refugees seeking aid

United States closes borders to refugees seeking aid

Rochita Ghosh November 13, 2015

Wind whips away at their hair as they look over the land not yet crossed. Displaced from their homes because of war, they seek refuge in places far more stable than the lands they were born in. They have...

Challenger League Week 2

Elimin8 Putt Putt Tourney

Jacob Winton September 10, 2013

Monday night was our second week of this Challenger League Season, and it was a great time. We had enough people come out that there weren't enough players for everybody to get paired up with somebody,...

RBRO members kick off a year of service

RBRO members kick off a year of service

Kelsey Harper September 5, 2013

Rock Bridge Reaches Out had five different cores hold meetings this week. After our long Labor Day weekend we kicked it into high gear with three Tuesday meetings. Relay for Life had a big turnout after...

Rock Bridge students signed up to participate in various RBRO cores today in the PAC.
Photo by: Kathryn Fishman-Weaver

RBRO welcomes new volunteers

Kelsey Harper August 29, 2013

Today, Rock Bridge Reaches Out had our two informational meetings and got to share our 11 core groups with Rock Bridge students. We had our 33 core leaders speak about the wonderful things they're going...

RBRO lends a hand at the Reece Raises Hope BBQ

RBRO lends a hand at the Reece Raises Hope BBQ

Kelsey Harper August 27, 2013

Last Saturday the Reece Raises Hope Foundation held their annual BBQ to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. It was a sweltering day at Twin Lakes Park but our volunteers stuck it out for the five-hour...

Bringing you the Key Club blog

Bringing you the Key Club blog

Jacob Winton August 26, 2013

We know that you've been anxiously awaiting the Key Club blog, so here it is. We'll update this blog regularly to give you guys info on upcoming meetings and events, as well as pictures and recaps of Key...

Junior Subah Mohua watches as kids squirt color over their shirts.

The Intersection entertains kids with tie-dye

Kelsey Harper May 18, 2013

  Yesterday we celebrated a successful year at the Intersection with a tie-dye extravaganza. It was gorgeous outside so we were able to go wild with all of the vibrant colors. The kids got to create...

RBRO wins Hero award

Kelsey Harper April 23, 2013

Tonight at a banquet at Stoney Creek Inn, the winners of the Columbia Daily Tribune's Hero Awards were announced. RBRO was nominated for our work with The Intersection and was in the Youth Volunteer category...

Dodgeball tournament raises over $800 for the Intersection

Kelsey Harper April 14, 2013

Last Saturday, teachers and students alike gathered at the Christian Fellowship Church gym for a battle of epic proportions. The Intersection core group of RBRO was hosting their 2nd dodgeball tournament...

Intersection core group nominated for Hero Award

Kelsey Harper April 9, 2013

RBRO recently received a letter from the Columbia Daily Tribune informing us that the Intersection core group had been nominated by Dana Battison, the founder of the Intersection, for the Hero Award. The...

Global Issues fights HIV/AIDS

Urmilla Kuttikad March 25, 2013

It’s been a busy semester so far for Global Issues! Most importantly, we picked a cause and an organization. The cause is HIV/AIDS prevention, and the organization is called Trail to a Cure. Once we...

International Cultural Organization

Maria Kalaitzandonakes February 22, 2013

International Cultural Organization is club that brings together international students and American students to learn about each other' cultures. We play games and taste food from each of the club member's...

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