The Intersection entertains kids with tie-dye


Junior Subah Mohua watches as kids squirt color over their shirts.

Kelsey Harper


Yesterday we celebrated a successful year at the Intersection with a tie-dye extravaganza. It was gorgeous outside so we were able to go wild with all of the vibrant colors. The kids got to create masterpeices on socks and shirts. However, we accidently bought some really small shirts that wouldn’t fit anyone there. We still had the kids decorate them and we plan to donate them to a preschool in Columbia. It was a ton of fun to see how excited the kids got about creating different designs on their clothes. A few of us also joined in on the fun and made some swanky shirts. It was a great activity to celebrate all of the wonderful things we have been able to do with the kids at the Intersection this year.
By Kelsey Harper