Global Issues fights HIV/AIDS

Urmilla Kuttikad

It’s been a busy semester so far for Global Issues! Most importantly, we picked a cause and an organization. The cause is HIV/AIDS prevention, and the organization is called Trail to a Cure.

Once we decided we wanted to do something for HIV/AIDS prevention, we knew there would be a lot of incredible organizations that we could fundraise for. What made Trail to a Cure stand out was that it’s based in Central Missouri, meaning we can make a local difference.

TTAC is a non-profit, grassroots organization fighting against HIV and AIDS. Through fundraising, TTAC works toward both prevention and assisting those living with the disease in Central Missouri. A couple of weeks ago, we had a speaker from TTAC come and talk to us about their work. She talked about the disease itself, who it affected and what kind of work TTAC did to fight HIV/AIDS.
This last meeting, we decided on some fundraiser possibilities, and the next couple meetings will probably be focused on getting those fundraisers worked out, making posters and eating delicious food. As always, we would love to see you there (Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m.)!
By Urmila Kutikkad