Sophomore transfer from HHS appreciates camaraderie

Emily Wright

Sophomore Madison May is at home as a Bruin. Photo by Muhammad Al-Rawi
Although sophomore Madison May is new to RBHS this semester, she is not new to the Columbia Public School district. May attended Hickman High School last semester and said she transferred here for academic reasons.
So, Madison, you transferred from Hickman at semester. What do you think of Rock Bridge so far?
Oh, my gosh, I just love it. Everything feels so much better than it did at Hickman.
How is going to school at Rock Bridge different than it was at Hickman?
I’d say the overall atmosphere here at Rock Bridge is very different. The way students and teachers interact with each other here makes me feel more comfortable, like people really want me to be here. I like that piece a lot better.
What do you like more about the atmosphere at Rock Bridge?
Well, part of it is that I have a lot more friends here. Like in classes, the learning is pretty much the same as it was at Hickman. But it’s the people. Learning with the students here is a lot easier.
I know you are a member of the cross-country, swimming and track teams. How is switching schools going to impact your sports?
Right now I’m doing swim team, and there really hasn’t been too much of a difference. The Rock Bridge and Hickman teams all get to practice together. I also don’t have to run by myself every day anymore. Here, I have people to run with. I feel much more of a team.
Has anything at Rock Bridge been a surprise to you?
When I first transferred, I was afraid of starting at a new school. I was worried people would be mean. But everyone has been nice to me so far.
What are you most looking forward to during your time as a Rock Bridge student?
I am really excited to go to school with people I’ve never gone to school with before. I am getting to know everyone, and I am looking forward to my time here.