It’s A Grind closes

Maddie Davis

Instead of playing in the gym or watching a movie when senior Lexi Bumby’s advisory class has free time they would take a walk and visit It’s A Grind located 4603 John Garry Dr #1. But now, It’s A Grind closed Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Photo of It's a Grind
It’s A Grind, located 4603 John Garry Dr. #1, closed its doors for the final time Wednesday. Advisory classes and students on AUT used the spot as a study break stop. Photo by Halley Hollis
“Going to It’s A Grind was something that my whole advisory class enjoyed,” Bumby said. “It brought us together and gave us something to do. Plus I would always go there and study with my friends because it was so close to Rock Bridge.”
Despite upset customers, Nancy Palmer, owner of It’s A Grind, said the decision to close is the right choice. Palmer said she will pursue  other business ventures that will require more of her time. Although she considers It’s A Grind a family business, Palmer is ready to move onto new things.
“I really need to refocus and focus on my other business ventures,” Palmer said. “We’ve had some interest [in continuing the business], but it’s really hard to say right now.”
Palmer said there is a possibility of the coffee house reopening under new management, but no one has made a formal bid. Palmer believes  without such loyal customers, It’s A Grind would not have been near as successful as her time as owner.
“We have really appreciated the support from the Rock Bridge High School students and their staff,” Palmer said. “We welcomed the many classes that have walked over and appreciated them taking interest in the local businesses. As Columbia business owners, we will continue to support and do what we can for Rock Bridge High School.”
By Maddie Davis