Six teachers to leave


Kennedy Grieman

[heading]Numerous departments say a big farewell[/heading] Six faculty members are saying goodbye to teaching at Rock Bridge. Health and Fitness teacher Wendy Sheehan, Michelle Ebberts and Erika Miller from the math department and Lee Franklin, Katherine Sasser and Rachel Proffitt from the world studies department will not return after the summer break.
Ebberts was named teacher of the year and “outstanding educator” this year at RBHS. She has been a teacher at RBHS since 2010 and has spent this time teaching her students that almost any word or phrase can be turned into a catchy song and that math jokes can be funny. Ebberts hopes to leave her students with a positive message of feeling confident in themselves and their learning.
“We are all works in progress,” Ebberts said, who is moving to Kansas City and will continue teaching there. “I want the students that I teach to know that progress comes from learning from your mistakes, not perfection.”
AP World Studies teachers Katherine Sasser and Rachel Proffitt have also focused their teachings on learning through the textbooks and through each other.
“My students, year after year, have impressed me with their talents and diverse perspectives,” Sasser said, who has been part of the Rock Bridge community since 2011. “The value placed on relationships is truly special and what I have loved most in my time here.”
Sasser is thrilled to welcome her third child into the world, but will miss her students greatly and all of the relationships she has built with them.
Proffitt feels she has had a chance to teach wonderful students who rise to the occasion in her AP World History and AP Psychology classes.
“All of the students that I have taught have shown remarkable growth through the courses they take,” Proffitt said, who has taught at RBHS for 14 years. “They have showed me how to take freedom with responsibility to the next level. They learn to use it as a privilege that teachers can trust them with.”
Proffitt is excited to teach in Singapore but will miss the unique culture and community that RBHS has to offer. Sophomore Britton Stamps, who had her in AP World History this year, said he is thankful to have been her student in the class.
“Ms. Proffitt was fun and easy to get along with,” Stamps said. “I’ll miss her easygoing and kind personality.”
World History teacher Lee Franklin is also leaving to teach at a different school, and looks forward to growing as an educator there. He hopes that he can establish unique relationships with his future students like he did at RBHS.
“This school has developed a one-of-a-kind environment,” Franklin said, who started teaching at RBHS in the 2013-2014 school year. “The good thing about teaching is that each school year is different and offers its own new possibilities.”
Franklin says he will take with him the connections he has built with his students and faculty at RBHS.
Like Franklin, Algebra 2 teacher Erika Miller has made lasting memories through the extraordinary students she has taught and the other faculty she quickly became friends with.
“As an educator I wanted to teach my students more than just math,” said Miller, who hopes she has left students feeling loved and empowered after her first year at RBHS. “I also wanted them to learn about hard work, collaboration and communication.”
Miller will be moving to Oklahoma after the end of this school year. She believes the teachings of life skills along with mathematic curriculum will aid her students in flourishing in all aspects of life.
These six teachers have made an impact on RBHS and its students and have lived out the saying, “Where learning is for life.” By providing daily instruction and help in order for their students to achieve success, they have shown how to be a great leader to their students and peers around them, as Sheehan demonstrates in her teaching.
“I strive to teach all of my kids how to behave in a way that keeps them safe,” Sheehan said, who began teaching at RBHS in 2013. “My job is to show them how to make good decisions for themselves. I teach a multitude of lessons in the health curriculum, but overall I hope that students can walk away from my class knowing what to do to keep themselves on the right track.”
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