Tiny Dancers

Asa Lory

I had an awesome Saturday. Not because of the ACT in the morning, of course. That wasn’t pleasant. The awesome bit of the day started immediately afterward, when nearly 80 elementary and middle school kids flooded the choir wing It was crazy; it was freaking exhausting, and it was absolutely hilarious. It was, in short, Camp Show Choir!


At the beginning of the day, some of the Rock Bridge kids led theater games, so everyone could learn names and get acquainted.


Then, after a quick meeting…


It was time to learn the song and dance. While half the kids were taught choreography…


The other half were learning a song!


After the two groups switched and everyone had learned both parts, it was time for my favorite part of the day: stage presence, snacks and makeup. The games they played were hilarious.


 –  –  –



–  –  –


 After all was said and done, I’m not sure who had more fun, the children or the show choir kids.


The guys were amazed to learn that in Show Choir, not just girls wear makeup. The men have to wear it too, to counter the bright stage lights.


By the time the day was almost over, the kids had become quite good dancers.


 And after a quick performance by the two Rock Bridge show choirs…


 The kids performed. They were really good.


 A good time was had by all.