A Scout in the Park


Asa Lory

I really enjoy the creative process. Not just the final product, which indeed is interesting, but the actual sequence of conceptualizing, planning, trial and error that goes into achieving the end.
I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately as I try to balance ideas for Southpaw issues, creating three characters for two different shows and coming up with responses for Studio Art as well as this good ol’ blog. Luckily, I wanted to scout locations for an upcoming project, so this week’s installment was a walk in the park.

I hopped out en route to look at the possibilities of a lone car on a back country road. I rather like the dynamic, but the angles are all wrong.

I adore paths that go off into the distance. I’ve realized this before, but when I catch myself taking a picture like this when I know it’s not even a possibility for the final project, I know things have gotten a little out of hand.

This tree, however, is perfect for the final. It’s fantastic when an element crops up at random and screams to be included.
I started to veer off task a little and began taking shots just for their own sake. I like how any plant looks like a tree from below.
Every so often, I’ll come across a shot I know I’ll use for something, sometime.
Of course, working out locations for one single project is doing nothing for my pile of scripts and other ideas.
…but, oh, well. I don’t mind.