Ngassi juggles school, other interests


Maddie Magruder

Senior Tony Ngassi has his plans after high school set. He wants to attend college to study neurological sciences. Along with enrolling in four Advanced Placement classes to prepare him for future studies, he enjoys playing basketball, spending time with his friends and tutoring kids.
What are your interests?
I kind of want to go into neuro science after high school.
What has given you that interest?
I don’t know. I just took psych, and I found it really interesting, so I decided to delve into it.
What hobbies do you have?
I occasionally play basketball and, you know, hang out with my friends.
Are there any other things you like to do in your spare time?
I occasionally tutor kids in my neighborhood. If my neighbor has problems with math, I help out with that.
Do you do that for free?
Yeah. Well, I babysit for him, so at the same time, I help him out with it.
Does your family have a big effect on your life?
My parents are the type of people who kinda wanted me to go into a science field. My dad does [science], so he kinda brought me up around it, and it changed me a little bit.
If you had to describe yourself in a few words, what would you be?
I’m pretty interesting to talk to, I guess.
Why are you interesting to talk to?
At times I can be quite the character if you will.
How so?
It’s a long story. Some of the situations I get myself into are kind of funny.
Can you think of any specific ones?
Yeah, the other day, I got bet five dollars that we couldn’t go through the Taco Bell drive through in reverse. I had to do it. He bet me, and, you know, we did it. It was really funny. You should try. First time doing it, just pulling in there. It’s kind of hard, but it’s quite the time.
What others classes are you enrolled in?
Chem, AP Bio and Calc.
Which ones are interesting to you?
Chemistry’s really fun. Bio’s pretty interesting, but it’s a hard class as well, so you kind of have to manage.
Are you good at managing your time?
Not at all. Not at all. I’m terrible at managing time.
Do you have any schools you’re thinking of for college?
I got accepted into Mizzou. I was gonna apply to [St. Louis University] and another school like that, but then I decided not to because it’s time consuming to write the essay and all that.
How do you express yourself?
I’m usually kind of a quiet person, but if I need to I can be outspoken and kind of controlling at times if I really need to be.