Students react to Pinkel’s DWI

Students react to Pinkels DWI

Parker Sutherland

Boone County Sheriff’s Office records show that deputies pulled University of Missouri-Columbia head football coach, Gary Pinkel, over last night in Columbia, Mo. They arrested him on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.
He was released from the Boone County Jail after posting a $500 bond.
“I got the text [about this] during math this morning from my mom,” junior Nicholas Godas said. “I was just kind of shocked because his big motto is, ‘think smart, be smart.’”
Students were sad and shocked to hear about the event because of Pinkel’s avidness against drunk driving.
“I thought it was funny because he’s a type of coach who always preaches about respect and being a responsible adult,” senior Kenneth James said. “Then he turns around and gets a DWI.”
Godas, however, thinks Pinkel shouldn’t be punished too severely for what he did. He recalls the time Tony La Russa received a DWI before an away game in Florida in 2007.
“When you walk into the locker room  it has a big chart of ‘respect women, respect your teammates,’” Godas said. “With a game coming up in two days, I thought it was really dumb for him to do something like that. He’s still a good coach. Tony Laruso had a DWI, three or four years ago, and he won a world series this year. He made one dumb mistake; as long as he still makes plays on the field then it should be all good.”
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By Parker Sutherland