Fire department helps students out of stuck elevator


Emily Oba

On Tuesday, March 12 around 10:10 a.m. the fire department arrived responding to a call about two RBHS students stuck in the elevator by the math classrooms.
“The elevator malfunctioned, it just stopped working.” Assistant Principal Dr. Tim Baker said. “Two kids got on it, don’t know why, they took it from the top floor to the bottom floor, and made it halfway and stopped.”
The school administration has a key to the elevator but it was unsuccessful in getting the door open. School resource officer, Keisha Edwards called the fire department to help the students.
“[The fire department] know what they’re doing, they deal with it all the time, and so they got the door opened for us and the kids climbed out,” Dr. Baker said. “No one got hurt, nothing like that, it was just a little scary for them.”
Along with Dr. Baker and Edwards, nurse Tammy Adkins was helping at the scene. After the fire department arrived, the students were able to get out in around five minutes and were stuck for at most 15 minutes.
“We talked, there was their teacher there talking and keeping them calm. Their teacher knew, it was sort of ‘boom’ it happened all kind of like that,” nurse Tammy Adkins said. “So the teacher knew and notified an administrator.”
While fully functioning, the elevator, Dr. Baker said, is meant to be used by handicapped students only.
We don’t have ‘rules’ on who rides [the elevator], we use an honor system, and request  no students that don’t need an elevator ride it. It is really there for the handicapped students, not for the kids who don’t want to take the stairs,” Dr. Baker said. “We don’t have signs or anything so I know why kids ride it time to time. But we really request that they not so it is free for our handicapped students.”
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